STREAM’s September Slab Pour

23 September, 2014   |     |   News, STREAM
Above: The STREAM Building slab pour from the SAAS gym parking lot.


Last week, we reached another milestone with the construction of STREAM. Remember in August when we placed the community’s “Dreams for STREAM” into the foundation of the building? That day, we climbed down into a hole in the ground—as of last week, the hole now houses both the basement and ground-level floors of the STREAM building. Congratulations, we’ve reached the surface! This is an exciting time as we’ll finally start seeing the STREAM building rising up from the ground, and the labs and classrooms being formed. Stay tuned!

Street Level Slab Pour

STREAM Building slab pour from the corner of E. Spring St. and 13th Ave.

Slab Pour

GLY Construction crew works together to spread the concrete slab.

Author: Madeline Reddington ‘07