SAAS Rising Match Success!

9 January, 2016   |     |   Cardinal Union, Donors, Middle School, News, STREAM

At the end of December the SAAS Rising Capital Campaign reached an impressive total of over $29.5 million toward our goal of $35 million. Thanks to the generosity of so many in our community we also reached our $1.1 Million Match for SAAS Rising! Thank you!

We’re still going strong and will continue to work toward complete success for the SAAS Rising Campaign. We are eager to have all of our families join us in supporting the vision for campus transformation – together we can bring the entirety of the vision for Campus Transformation to fruition!

SAAS Rising: A Campaign for Campus Transformation serves a bold vision to build and renovate facilities on the 12th Avenue Block creating the physical spaces required for faculty to continue to develop curriculum and programs that will challenge and support our students. Early success in the campaign facilitated building the STREAM Building on-time and on-budget. Opening this past September, STREAM is already an enormous asset to our faculty and students.

If you haven’t had a chance to see STREAM in action, let me know! I’d be happy to show you around!

Next school year Seattle Academy will break ground on the new Cardinal Union Building; a permanent home for our Middle School that includes a second gym, outdoor playfield, the Instrumental Music program, additional parking and more.

Thank you, to our generous pool of matching gift donors and to the community who responded to this important matching opportunity.

With appreciation,
Erin and the Development Staff and Volunteers