SAAS Rising Donors: In Their Own Words – Mike and Jodi

8 June, 2015   |     |   Academic Programs, Donors, News, STREAM

Mike Halperin and Jodi Green have been deeply engaged parents and volunteers at Seattle Academy since their older son, Taylor ’10, started at SAAS for 6th grade in 2003 and continue their service through their youngest daughter, Lucy’s ’15, graduation and beyond!

Jodi and Mike met at Brown University where Jodi received her BS in Computer Science, one of only three of women with that degree. Jodi grew up in a working-class family in Brooklyn, NY. With support and encouragement she was the first in her family to attend college. After Brown, Jodi was recruited to work for a Seattle-based software company – which suited native Seattleite, Mike, just fine. Mike finished his undergraduate degree in Zoology at University of Washington before he continued on to UW Medical School.

In addition to having very successful professional careers, both Mike and Jodi have robust engagement with nonprofit organizations. Jodi says nonprofit work is intellectually stimulating and allows her to feel like she is making “a lot of impact.”

Mike and Jodi are both strategy-oriented non-profit volunteers who are deeply engaged and invested in the Seattle community in a variety of capacities. Both have served in senior leadership positions on governing boards in Seattle. Mike has served two terms as a Seattle Academy Trustee and one term as the President; he will serve as the Immediate Past President of the Board next year. Donna Bellew (Evie ’15, John ’18, and Helen ’21) was voted in as the new Board Present on May 20. Jodi is the Chair of the University of Washington Foundation Board, and Co-Chair of the current University of Washington Comprehensive Campaign. In addition, she has been deeply involved with the Parent Association at SAAS, volunteering her time and skills in every imaginable way for the school. “We have a history of being very involved wherever our family is,” says Jodi.

Mike and Jodi have both been instrumental in helping the SAAS Rising Campaign successfully reach the $23 million mark; an incredibly huge accomplishment. Mike says, “The legacy we would hope to leave behind at SAAS is that we’ve left the school stronger than we found it.”

Both Mike and Jodi are inspired by what is happening at SAAS and the opportunities for the future of the school. “Rob and Joe are extremely smart, extremely hard working and care so deeply about the mission of the school and each kid…that is inspiring to me,” says Mike.  Jodi acknowledges that their own support is a “thank you to the school and to all the families who come after us.”

It is truly Seattle Academy who owes thanks to Mike and Jodi! Their efforts on behalf of the school have paved the way for many school-wide accomplishments including the STREAM Building which will open to students in fall 2015. Thank you, Mike and Jodi, for your years of service and for inspiring so many SAAS families to follow in your generous footsteps!

Author Kina Walker ’06