Putting the “A” in STREAM

1 May, 2015   |     |   Academic Programs, News, STREAM
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The STREAM Building has been an inspirational subject matter to so many at SAAS all year.  For April Ferry’s D Block Intermediate Visual class (Winter trimester), the construction allowed a very talented group of students to see two- and three-point perspective as this semi-transparent “box” evolved on a day-by-day basis.

SAAS STREAM Building, Seattle Academy, SAASRising

Perspective is the tool that allows an artist to translate the three-dimensional world to a two-dimensional canvas or drawing.  The construction of the STREAM Building inspired a teachable moment, introducing perspective in a real life situation.  Students were able to stand across the street, hold up their pencils, and measure the angles for the design of their acrylic paintings.  The simple laws of perspective can help to achieve a sense of reality and deep space in a piece of art. Not only was the STREAM Building close and a perfect two- and (in some cases) three-dimensional subject, students could see the floors as planes receding in space, for an even more dynamic understanding of the subject. Being able to witness the grid created by the support structure in the early stages of the building allowed students to gain a fuller understanding of the rules of perspective.

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See this gallery of paintings on display in person at the SAAS All Grades Visual Arts Show opening next week on Thursday, May 7, from 5-8 PM in the SAAS Arts Center. The exhibit will remain up until May 29, 2015.

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