Johns Develops App Which Is Featured at Edsurge Summit

2 October, 2014   |     |   Academic Programs, Faculty, Math, News
Seattle Academy

Upper School math teacher David Johns presented MathChat, a collaborative homework-help app he helped develop for iOS, at Edsurge’s Los Angeles Tech for Schools Summit on September 13.

MathChat, which allows students to receive real-time math help from friends, teachers, or family members and check their work step-by-step, was the featured education startup of thirty participating companies selected by a panel of teachers and education technology coordinators.

David has been using MathChat for in-class exercises and homework assignments with SAAS students, who invite others to help solve problems and use the app’s messaging and drawing functions and specialized math keyboard to communicate.

“One of the values of the app that I discovered recently was when I was helping students help each other,” David said. “For example, a student was collaborating with another in the class. I suggested words and actions on the screen to help them understand how to find the solution, not just give the answer away. To teach others how to teach math in a way that is educative was thrilling and rarely happens in a typical math class.”

Earlier this month, MathChat and six other startups won the “iHub Pitch Games” in San Jose, an event modeled after the popular TV show “Shark Tank,” where companies pitch their work to a panel of judges and seven winners earn the chance to test their software in Silicon Valley schools.

Download the MathChat app from iTunes

Author: Madeline Reddington ‘07