Design Thinking Through Creative Carts

16 September, 2015   |     |   Academic Programs, Innovations, News

Design thinking really shines when creative people find unexpected ways to address multiple goals with a simple, innovative solution. This Fall, SAAS will roll out a new program called Creative Carts, which does exactly that.

Inspired by programs like South Seattle’s mobile art lab The Makery, the SAAS Creative carts will be two mobile supply stations for teachers to check out and use for their class projects. Carts will have a rotating selection of tools and supplies of all sorts, from sewing materials to dremels and recycled items from science classes.

The project, piloted by Gabe Cronin and Lily Hotchkiss, aims to inspire creative three-dimensional thinking across all disciplines by providing students with a variety of supplies for prototyping and creating—including incorporating materials from other classes.

“These materials will really help students think physically and build new ideas from the juxtapositions of disparate ones,” Lily said. “Things will rotate based on what people ask for, things that are donated to the cart, things we are inspired by, and things that come up in classrooms as obvious needs, like marbles for lab science.” Sophomore robotics student Matt Kelsey ’18 designed an Android tablet app that supports these creative stations by allowing staff to check the carts out for use, schedule projects on a shared calendar, and inform other inquiring teachers of their location. SAAS Creative Carts hashtags (#SAASCreativeCarts) on Twitter and Facebook will allow teachers and students to share the results of their projects with the rest of the community.

“This is a wonderfully tangible way to enhance the connections between disciplines and ideas at SAAS,” Lily said. “It started as a conversation about design thinking with Gabe, who is a very nimble thinker. The result was these carts—an invitation to invent something.”

Author: Madeline Reddington ‘07