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STREAM Building Grand Opening

In the summer of 2014, members of the SAAS Rising team donned hard hats to climb down into the STREAM construction site and  share community members Dreams for STREAM in the basement foundation being poured. ...


Sights, Sounds and SAAS Alums at STREAM

26 August, 2015   |     |   Alumni, Donors, Events, Faculty, News, STREAM

Seeing the new STREAM Building before students come pouring in for the first time in September is a bit like previewing an opera set before opening night; vibrant spaces and surfaces sit rea...


SAAS Rising Summer Progress

16 July, 2015   |     |   Academic Programs, Donors, Events, News, STREAM

The SAAS Rising Campaign Reaches $24.4 Million: While the finishing touches on STREAM Building were completed the SAAS Rising campaign continued to see generous support fro...


I-Labs Presents at The SAAS Science Lecture Series

5 February, 2015   |     |   Academic Programs, Events, News

Patricia Kuhl, Ph. D. Professor and Co-Director at UW I-LABS On a video screen, a wide-eyed 6-month-old sits in a specialized chair with her head mostly encircled by a huge device that looks a bit like a salon ...


Sign Up for A SAAS Rising: Imagine the Possibilities Meeting

3 October, 2014   |     |   Cardinal Union, Donors, Events, Middle School, STREAM

SAAS Rising invites parents and alumni to join us at school this fall and learn more about our campaign for campus transformation. Each month, a “SAAS Rising: Imagine the Possibilities” meeting will be  a chance to hear from Head of School Joe P...


Dream for STREAM: Laying the Foundation

8 August, 2014   |     |   Donors, Events, STREAM
Seattle Academy STREAM Building

In June 2014, our campus began a grand transformation. As we gathered on a sunny afternoon for the More

Breaking Ground on the STREAM Building

20 June, 2014   |     |   Events, STREAM

June 20, 2014 – Last week we celebrated breaking ground on the STREAM building and took a very important step towards realizing our vision for STREAM. We were joined by our Board of Trustees, Honorary Trustees, Faculty members, many of our Committe...