Dream for STREAM: Laying the Foundation

8 August, 2014   |     |   Donors, Events, STREAM
Seattle Academy STREAM Building

In June 2014, our campus began a grand transformation. As we gathered on a sunny afternoon for the STREAM Building groundbreaking, we marveled at how far we’ve come in 30 years; in the school’s infancy, we had to find ways to engage students in science without any labs at all. In 1998, we added the Vanderbilt Building with one chemistry lab and one biology lab to serve the entire Upper School student population. With the addition of the Arts Center in 2001, we included a physics lab. Throughout the decades, our visionary faculty has consistently developed innovative curriculum that reaches well beyond any perceived limitations we had—and our community has supported us in making it happen.

That’s why we invited our donors, trustees, and committee members to share their dreams for STREAM with us at the groundbreaking. Each attendee had the opportunity to fill out a small card with their thoughts and wishes for the new building, and we saved them for the day STREAM’s foundation would be poured.

This week, that milestone arrived (right on schedule!). We put on our hard hats and vests, took those cards to the construction site and embedded them in the concrete foundation. As we spread the cards on the ground, we watched the GLY Construction team exchange feedback and support each other as they pumped cement down into the forms for the foundation. To watch their teamwork in action is a treat, as well as a reminder that so many people have their hands in making this building a reality.

Like everything at SAAS, the STREAM Building has very much been a community effort. From the germination of an idea to this week’s laying of the foundation, we’ve relied on the support of people who care about SAAS and are invested in its future. We put the words of the community into the foundation of the building because the community has always been the foundation of the school itself.

Thanks to every donor, trustee, committee member, faculty and staff member, and supporter, our first science building will rise up on 13th and E Spring in just a few months. With seven state-of-the-art labs and a new learning commons / gathering space / lunchroom, it will be a destination for discovery, independent study, group projects, and community building.

One of the dreams we placed in the building’s foundation was for STREAM to “help the block become a dynamic, pulsating center of innovative education for decades to come.” We hope so, too!

Dream for STREAM Donor Testimonials

SAAS Rising donors Dream for STREAM testimonials placed in the STREAM Building foundation.









Author: Madeline Reddington ‘07